East Gate Tree Removal

Donald J. Perry
5 Davis Ave.
Kearny, NJ 07032

Email: Email: owner@eastgatetreeremoval.com

History: East Gate Tree Removal was started in 1988. Our goal was to create an honest tree care service meeting customers’ needs and preforming good work. East Gate Tree secured a valuable place in the tree care industry, collecting favorable references and preforming safe work. When jobs were finished, we have been remembered by the quality work, to leave behind no trace that we were ever there.

Experience: We have specialized in the removal of large, dangerous, and dead trees and annual tree care. Although we advertise as a tree removal company, we try to discourage the removal of healthy trees.

Cautious Tree Removal: Many homeowners, when they buy a new home contract to remove a tree, that the previous owners have loved and taken care of. Sometimes new owners do not like the work that is involved in raking and tree trimming. Sometimes they are afraid that the tree may fall and damage their property. The problem is that when people buy new houses a lot of trees are unnecessary cut, as often sooner or later the house is sold again to people who may have wished to have a tree in their yard. Healthy trees are important, and necessary for a healthy planet, homeowners should be cautious not to remove trees unnecessarily.

Equipment: We have access to an extensive collection of equipment including cranes, chippers, stump grinders, and landscaping and other equipment to quickly and safely remove or else heal a damaged tree in poor health.

If I am immediately available, I will call you back, if not I will quickly pass your number on to other tree companies I feel I can recommend for you. I am happy to help you on your new project.

Donald Perry

312-219-4396 We have an extensive list of references:

201 Linden Bloomfield, NJ: Very satisfied, thank you Don!

367 Belleville Ave Bloomfield, NJ: Donald did a great job, I would recommend his tree company.

124 Hillside Irvington, NJ: Don is a great guy, and he does great work. When we came home the tree was completely gone!

25 Crossbrook Livingston, NJ: Great service, I would use them again.

403 Elmwood Maplewood, NJ: Expert tree care, these guys know what they are doing!

25 Hickory Maplewood, NJ: Don was wonderful, great doing business with you!

72a Newark Way Maplewood, NJ: I was very happy with the job Don did. We will call him again to trim more trees on our property in the future.

12 West Lane Maplewood, NJ: Don gave us a great job for a great price. We would recommend him again for tree care.

422 Walton Road Maplewood, NJ: Don was very careful to make sure he did not damage our rose garden. They were very careful.

424 Walton Road Maplewood, NJ: Don did a good job and did not damage the driveway or the lawn.

236 Heywood Orange, NJ: Great company, we would call on them again.

232 Heywood Heywood Orange, NJ:

645 Mosswood Orange, NJ:

378 Tremont Place Orange, NJ: They trimmed our tree without a problem.

51 Duffield South Orange, NJ: Donald was able to work around our work schedule. He was there on time and finished on time.

110 Mayhew South Orange, NJ: Don removed a stump for us left by another company that did not have the equipment. We should have used him in the beginning, it would not have cost us so much.

255 Kingsland South Orange, NJ: Donald is an expert. We would use him again.

325 Meaker South Orange, NJ: Don cleaned up a big mess left by another tree company. I was surprised at what a good job they did for us, and they did not charge as much.

23 Dawson West Orange, NJ: Don did a lot of work for us removing a big tree. It was dead and this was a very dangerous removal.

16 Westview West Orange, NJ: Don removed a tree through the backyard. He did it with a wheel barrow so as to not damage the grass. They were very carful and respectful of our property.

14 Westview West Orange, NJ: Donald trimmed some branches off our tree without pulling off the power line or damaging the roof. He did a good job.

7 Bromley Drive West Orange, NJ: Don removed a large tree over our house. He lowered all the branches one at a time, he has a lot of experience.

36 Lakeview West Orange, NJ: Don removed large trees from the back of our house and did a great job without damage to our house or the driveway.

We can supply a list of references with phone numbers.

East Gate Tree Removal and EastGateTreeRemoval.com is contracting for Millennium Tree Service Inc.

Millennium Tree Service Inc.
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